Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've started my blog - - five years ago. Since then it became quite popular in the Russian segment of the Internet.

After The C++ Lands map was published the blog got some attention from the international readers. And now I got tired of watching desperate attempts to translate my blog posts using Google Translate. From now on I'm going to translate them myself.

About me. My name is Elena Sagalaeva, my nickname is alenacpp. I'm a C++ programmer currently working in gamedev. I write in my blog about various tech stuff, not only about programming.

So welcome to the Fearless Coder, welcome to the blog of a foreigner, full of weird humor, strange ambiguities and stupid grammatical mistakes. :-)

Et je parle française! Donc, n'hésitez pas commenter en française. Mais utilisez anglais si vous parlez tous les deux langues. Parce que mon française est plus mal que mon anglaise.

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